Join the American Registry of Magnetic
Resonance Imaging Technologists

Because MRI is a Specialty

The mission of the American Registry of Magnetic Resonance Imaging Technologists (ARMRIT) is to recognize individuals qualified as specialists and to promote high standards of patient care and safety in the diagnostic medical imaging modality of Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) technology including: interventional MRI, cardiovascular MRI, functional MRI, and MRI breast imaging.

ARMRIT is the first certifying organization to:

  1. Recognize MRI technology as a distinct medical imaging specialty utilizing non-ionizing radiation.
  2. Require MRI clinical experience and competency for eligibility.
  3. Promote formal MRI education with MRI clinical training.
  4. Recognize MRI schools that offer full-time educational program leading to a career in MRI.

Certification through the Registry is open to qualified technologists in all imaging fields who have documented MR clinical experience and/or formal education completed through schools dedicated to MRI technologists.

The ARMRIT Certification examination is administered by PSI Computer Testing at over 1000 testing sites nationally and internationally.. Exams are graded and results are made available immediately. Find a Test Center

The Study Guide: "MRI Technologist Quick Reference and Study Guide" is a compilation of the principles of MRI physics, instrumentation, clinical applications, bio-effects, safety and cross-sectional anatomy. It is recommended, but not mandatory, reading and can be purchased HERE.