Certified Tech : Registry Number 1573

Name: David A Spontak

Locale: Gilbertsville, PA

Phone: 610-367-4383
GE Signa 1.5T
GE Max 0.5T
GE Profile 0.2T
Siemens Viva 0.2T
Siemens Symphony 1.5T
Siemens Harmony 1.5T
Siemens Magnatom 1.0T Franklin School of Science and Arts
Phila,Pa. X-Ray School 1972-1974
Pottstown Mem. Med. Center
Pottstown Pa. General X-Ray,CT Scanning,Nec Med,CVIR. 1974-1986
Pottstown Scanning & Treatment Center
Pottstown,Pa. Chief MRI Technologist 1986-2000
Alliance Imaging MRI Technologist 2000-Present
Scanning at various sites in the Northeast. Golf,fishing,and my children.
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