Certified Tech : Registry Number 1767

Name: Corey Gaston

Locale: Monterey, CA

Phone: 904-553-5983
Fax: 831-392-0394
-GE 1.5T Excite platform w/ 8Ch coils
-GE 1.5T Signa LX
-Hitachi .7T Altair
-MEDRAD Power injector/smart prep
-TeraRecon reformatting
I have an A.S. in MRI Technology from Sonoma College,Petaluma,CA. All my clinical training was performed at The Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula. I was trained on 3 different magnets,while I performed a wide variety of exams. I am CPR certified and have my venipuncture certification. At C.H.O.M.P we are reguarly trained on any new software/hardware upgrades,hospital policies and procedures. We are soon to be one of the few sites in California to perform MRI guided Breast Biopsies.
Interested in traveling!
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