Certified Tech : Registry Number 1577

Name: Steven Garcia

Locale: Tinley Park, IL

Phone: 708-541-9425
Hitachi Altaire superconducting .7 Tesla
-Aquarius Institute of Computer Science
-1,000 hour internship at Midwest Open MRI
-Infusion Therapy certified for Gadolinium
-Medtronic pacemaker certification
-BLS for Healthcare Providers
-U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security First Responder.
I am able to administer gadolinium contrast intravenously,screen for allergies and contraindications.
Position patients on examining table and place coils close to area of interest,I am able to follow exam protocols,review physician's orders and consult with the radiologist on questionable orders/protocols.
Able to enter data such as anatomical area to be scanned,orientation specified and position of entry into computer.
I communicate well with patients before procedures to obtain history,explain risks and what can be expected; able to communicate during procedures to monitor safety and comfort.
I am able to key commands to specify MRI scan sequences and adjust parameters and slice positioning appropriate to the exam and patient anatomy.
I am able to alert patients and staff of danger of wearing or carrying metal near the magnet.
I am able to view images of the area being scanned on the video display screen to ensure quality of images.
I am able to ensure that patients (staff/visitor),complete the MRI screening form.
I am capable of reviewing written forms,I am able to discuss verbally with patients for contraindications and sign forms.
Investigate and clear as safe any potential ferromagnetic foreign objects/implants before exposing the patient to the magnetic field.
Receive and review orders,coordinate schedules,prioritize urgent exams and obtain,‚??wet reads‚??.
I frequently Maintain and clean the work area and equipment and replenish supplies as needed.
I am able to adhere to MRI safety guidelines,policies and procedures. I am able to control and evaluate for safe entry of all persons,objects,supplies and equipment into the MRI environment.
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