Certified Tech : Registry Number 2718

Name: Lori Janes

Locale: Corona, CA

Phone: 951-808-8654
Cell: 951-588-3166
GE-Signa 1.5 Tesla
Fonar-Sympulse 0.6 Tesla
Siemens-Impact 1.0 Tesla
Hitachi-Airis 0.3 Tesla
Access Imaging - Riverside,CA                   2014 - 2015
MRI Technologist ~ Internship    (Completed 1000 hrs)            
•    Machines Used: Fonar 0.6 Tesla,Siemens 1.0 Tesla
•    Prepare patients for imaging scans,i.e. changing to scrubs,removing metals,etc.
•    Data entry of patient clinical history,anatomical area to be scanned,orientation specified and position of entry. Placing markers to identify areas of maximum pain or ROI.
•    Ensure that the equipment is operating properly.
•    Conduct screening interviews of patients to identify contra-indications,such as ferrous objects,pregnancy,prosthetic heart valves,cardiac pacemakers or tattoos.
•    Create backup copies of images by transferring images from disk to storage media or workstation.
•    Develop or producing film records of magnetic resonance images.
•    Assist doctors with intravenously contrast dyes.
•    Explain MRI procedures to patients,patient representatives,or family members.
•      Thoroughly competent in performing all basic MRI imaging of the brain,neck,spine,abdomen and extremities. (Performed over 1100 scans unsupervised during my internship)
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