Certified Tech : Registry Number 2064

Name: Jacob Warren

Locale: Murrieta, CA

Phone: 951-595-3434
Machine Experience: GE 1.5 T Signa LX,Toshiba .35 Opart
MRI Technologist Skills•   
MRI studies including: CNS,Body (Thorax,Abdomen,and Pelvis),and MRA of the vascular system • Understanding of Sectional Anatomy/Physiology,Medical Terminology,Patient Safety and Patient Care • Machine Experience: GE 1.5 T Signa LX,Toshiba .35 Opart • Venipuncture and Perform IV's for all MRI and CT scans • Case Studies of Pathology and Evaluation • Working knowledge of DICOM and PACSPatient Care Experience • Screen patients for MRI exams by collecting patient history • Scan patients,print films and fills out patient information on film jackets • Carefully explain procedure of the MRI,ease worries by answering patient questions • Make sure patient is comfortable before starting MRI,make any necessary adjustments
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