Certified Tech : Registry Number 2348

Name: Blake Ashby

Locale: Laguna Niguel, CA

Phone: 949-355-2440
Cell: 949-355-2440
Skype: ashby13@gmail.com
The extent of my training was conducted on the Hitachi: AIRIS II open MRI unit (0.3 Tesla). While working with this unit,I was able to also learn about the various coils necessary for the capture of the highest quality images and how to best utilize them on a patient to patient basis.
I have had the pleasure of training under Jorge De La Torre (the lead tech at this facility) at Opensided MRI in Laguna Hills,CA. The duration of my externship was 1,000 hours of hands on experience. During the time I was under Jorge's tutelage I was constantly reinforcing the importance of anatomy and physiology,applying my knowledge of physics in an MRI environment,learning the importance of patient positioning,and ingraining the principles necessary to produce high quality images.
In my free time I love digital photography,photo editing,building and improving my computer,and watching movies with my friends and loved ones.
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